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Bull Fights

Omani Bull Fighting is a sport that is not like its Spanish equivalent; here to bulls clash head and horns until the stronger forces the weaker to take a knee, at this point the winner is declared. There are a large variety of bulls and the announcer seems to call out two similar sized to fight. A silence gathers around the stand as the crowd waits for the bulls to lock horns, then a huge cheer explodes as the fight begins…The Bull fighting is great fun and safe for families if you stay in the stands. It is male dominated, so cover up if you are a lady and only wonder to the sands if you are confident of running fast. 


Duration approx: 

Friday from 15:00 to 18:00

Tour includes:


Driver / English speaking Guide

Mineral water & soft drinks


Languages spoken

English, Italian, French, Arabic


Bull fights is male dominated, so ladies are kindly asked to cover up. 

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