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Snake Canyon

The tour starts with a spectacular drive through the magnificent Batinah coastline to Snake Canyon
Snake Canyon is by far the most diverse and challenging  wadis . Every bend is a photo opportunity. Jumps into the crystal pools range from two to six meters into deep waters. The caverns add fun and extra challenges to the trek.
Snake Canyon is an awesome hike although definitely not considered to be easy but, having completed it you will feel inspired.
The name ‘Snake Canyon’ refers to the serpentine effect created by the water cutting through the mountains and the  wadi  snaking through.
Snake Canyon is cut into the mountains and offers a fantastic trip past waterfalls, through rocks pools and over boulders. Our hike of approximately 6 hours will have you jumping into pools of water and swimming in caves under the mountains. At places, it is so narrow that you can barely swim between the sides of the mountain.
This canyon is for the adventurous spirit and requires a level of fitness.  You will need to be an able swimmer in addition to being capable of climbing and jumping from boulders.
The Snake Canyon offers a sense of discovery within the winding gorge which will keep you occupied for many hours.


Languages spoken

 Italian, English & Arabic

Duration approx: 

8hrs (from: 08:30- 16:30)

Cancellation Policy:

Cancel up to 7 days in advance for a full refund

Tour includes:


Driver / English speaking Guide

Picnic lunch 

Mineral water & soft drinks


Kindly wear sport shoe & cotton / light dress, also you may need your towel.

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